AWS Employee?

Custom Event Engine template

We have created a custom template which you need to use to provision accounts for workshops. Reach out to get access to the template.

Opportunities to collaborate

If you are an AWS employee, I’m looking for your help to enhance the content and build new modules in the workshop.

See the list of items I’m currently tracking -

Please reach out directly ijaganna@ to collaborate on this effort!!

More details on the workshop and the application (only accessible within Amazon network)

Grab your PhoneTool Icons

Who doesn’t want to have cool looking Phone Tool Icons? You can get up to 3 PTIs based on the tasks mentioned below.

  • I completed this workshop myself

  • I conducted this workshop to a customer or at a public event

  • I contributed to the workshop content by adding new content or coming up with new ideas

If you completed any of these above mentioned tasks, request your PTIs (only accessible within Amazon network)