Create a custom rule

Go to APIGateway console and select the API Gateway called PetAdoptionStatusUpdater that was created as part of the CDK. Go to Stages, select Prod and select the tab Logs/Tracing. Under this, enable the checkbox called Log full requests/responses data. This will send detailed log data to CloudWatch which we will use in this exercise.

The above is a temporary action to get detailed log data to learn about CloudWatch Contributor Insights.

Contributor Rule On the Contributor Insights home page, click on Create rule. You will see a screen like the one below.

As you can see that there are numerous sample rules readily available for us to use. However, we will create our own rule.

Select Custom rule and click Create

Contributor Create Rule

In the next page, give the rule a name, select the Log group in which the API Gateway logs are collected. To find this, look for log groups starting with API-Gateway-Execution-Logs in the drop down.

Leave log format as JSON

Enter pettype in the first textbox under Contribution Leave COUNT as selected for Agggregate on and click Create to create the custom rule.

You have just created a Contributor Insights rule which will automatically create a Top ‘N’ report based on the rule. If the traffic generator app is running, you should be able to see a graph like the one below in a few minutes time. Contributor Create Rule2

If you leave it long enough, you will see a report similar to the one below

Contributor Long term

Turn off detailed logging

Now go to the APIGateway console and select Stages , prod and uncheck the Log full requests/responses data checkbox under Logs/Tracing tab.

Contributor Insights in Logs Insights

You can also see your Contributor Insights Rules from within CloudWatch Logs console as shown below.

Contributor Insights Logs Insights

Contributor Insights in DynamoDB

You can also see your Contributor Insights Rules and Graphs from within DynamoDB console as shown below.

Contributor Insights DynamoDB