Contributor Insights

Amazon CloudWatch Contributor Insights for Amazon DynamoDB is a diagnostic tool for identifying the most frequently accessed and throttled keys in your table or index at a glance. This tool uses CloudWatch Contributor Insights. By enabling CloudWatch Contributor Insights for DynamoDB on a table or global secondary index, you can view the most accessed and throttled items in those resources.

DynamoDB Contributor Insights

Enable Contributor Insights on DynamoDB table created as part of PetAdoptions app

Execute the following commands to enable Contributor Insights on the DynamoDB table.

DDB_CONTRIB=$(aws ssm get-parameter --name '/petstore/dynamodbtablename' | jq .Parameter.Value -r)
aws dynamodb update-contributor-insights --table-name $DDB_CONTRIB --contributor-insights-action ENABLE  

Wait for a few minutes and navigate to CloudWatch Contributor Insights and you should screen that is similar to the one below.

This report shows a Top ‘N’ report based on Partition Keys in the DynamoDB table. Contributor Home

Here is another Top ‘N’ report based on a combination of Partition and Sort Key values Contributor Home