CloudWatch Automatic Dashboards

Amazon CloudWatch Automatic Dashboards are pre-built with AWS service recommended best practices, remain resource aware, and dynamically update to reflect the latest state of important performance metrics. You can now filter and troubleshoot to a specific view without adding additional code to reflect the latest state of your AWS resources. Automatic Dashboards are available in all AWS public regions at no additional charge.

CloudWatch console homepage

  1. In the AWS Management Console on the Services menu, click CloudWatch.

An overview display of various metrics and alarms should be visible as shown below.


  • The Alarms view enables you to assess the health of your AWS services by seeing the alarm states for every service and the alarms with the most recently changed state. This helps you monitor and quickly diagnose issues.
  • Below the Alarms view is the default dashboard (if one already exists). The default dashboard is a custom dashboard that you have created and named CloudWatch-Default. This is a convenient way for you to add metrics about your own custom services and applications to the overview page, or to bring forward additional key metrics from AWS services that you most want to monitor.
  • If you use six or more AWS services, a link to the automatic cross-service dashboard will be shown below the default dashboard. The cross-service dashboard automatically displays key metrics from every AWS service you use, without requiring you to choose which metrics to monitor or to create custom dashboards. You can also use it to drill down to any AWS service and see even more key metrics for that service.
  • If you use fewer than six AWS services, the cross-service dashboard is shown automatically on this page.

CloudWatch cross-service dashboards

Execute the following steps to explore the cross-service dashboards:

  1. Click on the overview dropdown on the top left and select Cross service dashboard.

list dashboards

The cross-service dashboard shows each supported AWS service you are using in alphabetical order with one or two key metrics are displayed.

You can select View <Service Name> dashboard next to the service name to see more key metrics for a service. You can also select the service from the drop-down list as shown on the previous image.

cross service dashboard

  1. Scroll down to Lambda metrics and click View Lambda dashboard.

You will be presented with a more detailed dashboard that displays the top four Lambda metrics from all of the Lambda functions running in your environment. The bottom section shows the list of those functions. (Clicking one of them will take you to the lambda console.)

Lambda dashboard

Depending on the service, the detailed dashboards may allow you to view the associated CloudWatch logs.

In this example, on the Lambda dashboard. Follow the steps as indicated on the image below to see the logs for a particular Lambda function

  1. Hover over the Invocations Sum section and click on the three dots that appear at the top right of the section.
  2. Click View logs from the drop down.
  3. Select a lambda function from the drop down.

This will show you the logs for the selected lambda function from within the selected time range.

Logs from dashboard

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