Install Traffic Generator

The CDK app also creates an ECS Fargate task definition with a traffic generator container in it. The traffic generator app will automatically create a lot of traffic to help with other workshop activities.

Steps to install traffic generator

  • Go to ECS Clusters

  • Select any one of ECS clusters created by the CDK deployment as shown below Cluster

  • Go to Tasks tab and click on Run new task Cluster

  • In the Run Task screen select launch type as Fargate

  • Choose the Task definition that starts with Servicestrafficgenerator. Ensure you select the VPC named Services/Microservices

  • Select one of the public subnets from the subnet list

  • Do not create a new security group and select the default security group from the list as shown below Security Group

  • Set Auto-Assign public IP to ENABLED Cluster

  • Click Run Task and wait for 30 seconds until the task status is shown as RUNNING Cluster