Setup Cloud9 environment

We will be using CloudShell to create a new Cloud9 instance to deploy the PetAdoptions application in your AWS account. (If you do not wish to you use Cloud9, skip this page and go to the next step.)


  • In this guide we will be using CloudShell. If you do not wish to use CloudShell, you must already have installed and configured the AWS CLI on your machine to execute the steps in the shell of your choice.
  • The default profile must have administrator access to the AWS account.

Setup Cloud9 environment

  1. In the AWS Management Console on the Services menu, navigate to CloudShell.
  2. Copy and past the following commands into the terminal:
curl -O

aws cloudformation create-stack --stack-name C9-Observability-Workshop --template-body file://cloud9-cfn.yaml --capabilities CAPABILITY_NAMED_IAM

aws cloudformation wait stack-create-complete --stack-name C9-Observability-Workshop

echo -e "Cloud9 Instance is Ready!!\n\n"
  1. Select Paste when prompted by CloudShell Safe Paste to continue.

Safe Paste is a CloudShell security feature that allows you to verify multiline text. Verify that the copied text does not contain malicious scripts before continuing.

CloudShell Safe Paste

  1. After some time, the message “Cloud9 Instance is Ready!!” will output to the terminal. This indicates the successful creation of your Cloud9 environment.