Lambda Insights

CloudWatch Lambda Insights is a monitoring and troubleshooting solution for serverless applications running on AWS Lambda. The solution collects, aggregates, and summarizes system-level metrics including CPU time, memory, disk, and network. It also collects, aggregates, and summarizes diagnostic information such as cold starts and Lambda worker shutdowns to help you isolate issues with your Lambda functions and resolve them quickly.

Lambda Insights uses a new CloudWatch Lambda extension, which is provided as a Lambda layer. When you install this extension on a Lambda function, it collects system-level metrics and emits a single performance log event for every invocation of that Lambda function. CloudWatch uses embedded metric formatting to extract metrics from the log events. For more information about Lambda extensions, see Using AWS Lambda extensions. For more information about embedded metric format, see Ingesting High-Cardinality Logs and Generating Metrics with CloudWatch Embedded Metric Format.

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Note: This module was developed by Amit Kalawat