Navigating the interface

Automatic field discovery

You can select more than one log group to query on. On the Logs Insights console, select a log group and click on Fields on the right side.

CloudWatch can automatically discover fields from your log data as shown below.

Logs Insights8

This allows you to easily pick and include the fields you want to query on in the query area using intellisense.

Logs Insights11

Sample queries

Logs Insights also provides sample queries for you to easily get started with. Simply click on ‘Apply’ on the query you’re interested in to use it.

Logs Insights12

Saved queries and query history

You can save your queries into Logs Insights to access them later. Simply click on the Save button on the interface and provide a name to it to Save the querty. You can also optionally provide a custom name to the folder.

Logs Insights10 Logs Insights9

Look at query history by clicking on History which will show you all the queries you executed. You will be able to see queries executed by the logged in user whether they are saved queries or not.

Logs Insights9