Let's load the system

Increase the traffic generator count for increased load

We are going to launch 5 instances of the trafficgenerator container to simulate a first level of scale.

PETLISTADOPTIONS_CLUSTER=$(aws ecs list-clusters | jq '.clusterArns[]|select(contains("PetList"))' -r)
TRAFFICGENERATOR_SERVICE=$(aws ecs list-services --cluster $PETLISTADOPTIONS_CLUSTER | jq '.serviceArns[]|select(contains("trafficgenerator"))' -r)
aws ecs update-service --cluster $PETLISTADOPTIONS_CLUSTER --service $TRAFFICGENERATOR_SERVICE --desired-count 5

Check system health

Check your service map and after 5 min you should soon see a warning on DynamoDB:

Clicking on the Dynamo DB node will display the details about were this warning comes from: On the bottom right of the screen you should see the alarms in alert.

Click on it to get more details, this will jump into Cloudwatch Alarm page: