Tracking down the dynamo

In the previous section we found our first bottleneck: Dynamo DB reserved concurrencies.

Since we don’t know what traffic to expect yet, let’s move to On demand concurrency by using the AWS CLI :

  1. Navigate to your Cloud9 terminal and execute the following commands:
DDB_TABLE=$(aws dynamodb list-tables | jq -r '.TableNames[] | select (. | contains("ddbpetadoption"))')

aws dynamodb update-table --table-name ${DDB_TABLE} --billing-mode PAY_PER_REQUEST | jq -r '.TableDescription.TableStatus'

Wait until the table modification is completed and the Alarm will reset to OK.

  1. Verify the status of the update in the DynamoDB Console or running the following command:
aws dynamodb describe-table --table ${DDB_TABLE} | jq -r '.Table.TableStatus'
  1. Set the traffic generator count to 1 for regular load with the following command :
aws ecs update-service --cluster $PETLISTADOPTIONS_CLUSTER --service $TRAFFICGENERATOR_SERVICE --desired-count 1

This concludes this section. You may continue on to the next section.