Tracking down the dynamo

Here we found our first bottleneck: Dynamo DB reserved concurrencies.

Since we don’t know yet what traffic to expect, let’s move to On demand concurrency by using the AWS CLI :

DDB_TABLE=$(aws dynamodb list-tables | jq -r '.TableNames[] | select (. | contains("ddbpetadoption"))')

aws dynamodb update-table --table-name ${DDB_TABLE} --billing-mode PAY_PER_REQUEST | jq -r '.TableDescription.TableStatus'

Wait until the table modification is completed and the Alarm will reset to OK. You can verify the status of the update in the DynamoDB Console or running the following command:

aws dynamodb describe-table --table ${DDB_TABLE} | jq -r '.Table.TableStatus'

You can set the traffic generator count to 1 for regular load with the following command :

aws ecs update-service --cluster $PETLISTADOPTIONS_CLUSTER --service $TRAFFICGENERATOR_SERVICE --desired-count 1