Explore ServiceLens

Service map on CloudWatch Service Lens

Go to CloudWatch Service Lens

You should be able to see a service map as shown below. At any given point, you can see trace data upto a 6 hour time period.

Service Lens gets all the information you see on this screen from AWS X-Ray and there is no user action required for this.


Select on PetSite node, which will automatically show a quick view of the metrics generated from the service. Because this service is hosted on a container, you will also see that the View in Container Insights button light up. Clicking on that will take you directly to Container Insights screen.

Click View dashboard button which will take you to the service dashboard screen with more metrics from the service.


Select another services for example DynamoDB, API Gateway etc and you can see that the screen automatically shows metrics from the selected service.

Now go ahead and select the Lambda Function to see Lambda specific metric information as shown below, along with the logs generated by the Lambda function during the selected time frame. This not only includes the log data generated by the Lambda function service, but also custom log data generated from within the Lambda function as well.


Clicking on View in CloudWatch Logs Insights button will take you to the CloudWatch Logs Insights screen where you can simply click on Run query button to execute the query to see log data.