Working with Traces

  1. Click the View traces button at the top right of the screen.

This will take you to the Traces screen. You can also directly go to the Traces screen by clicking this link, or by clicking Traces from the ServiceLens section on the left navigation menu. (Note: once on the Traces page, select any Lambda function from the drop down menu before continuing)

  1. Take a look at the screenshot below. There are various options to filter traces by to identify and narrow down an issue you are investigating.

  2. Under Filter type, select PetType.

You will see that the filter values show the different PetType values captured during the selected time.

  1. Select any of the rows in the list and click Add to filter. This will filter and show on the traces based on the filter applied.

Note: The red arrows with text are call outs for various possible actions you can take on the screen.

Traces home

  1. Scroll down and type MakePayment into the filter traces textbox.

This will filter and only show the traces with URLs containing the text MakePayment.

  1. Select any of the traces from the table by clicking on the trace ID.

Traces home2

This concludes this section. You may continue on to the next section.